At Nutrition International, we believe nourishing people’s potential starts with nourishing their bodies.

We do whatever it takes to get the nutrition interventions we know work to those who need them most. Combining deep technical expertise with a flexible approach, we forge creative partnerships – both with the broader development community and other sectors – to integrate nutrition delivery and ensure meaningful impact.

We join forces with local implementers on the ground and national and local governments because systemic change starts at home. We know nobody is more suited to solve a country’s nutrition challenges than those who lead there. Across our work, we evaluate our programs and share what we learn, so others can benefit from our decades of experience delivering improved nutrition around the world. This is how we maximize impact while minimizing complexities.

From providing more than 8 billion doses of vitamin A around the world, to helping local processors iodize salt with simple techniques, to leading community-based maternal health projects and improving nutrition for adolescent girls, we leverage nutrition to fuel the potential of overlooked or underserved populations worldwide.

To create the most good for the people we serve, we focus our work on:

  • Research and policy
  • Women and girls’ nutrition
  • Infant and young child health
  • Salt iodization
  • Supplementation
  • Fortification

Through our cornerstone business models, N Team, N-Lift and Right Start, we engage new partners, investors and approaches to deliver improved nutrition to more people who need it – especially women and girls. These models embody our comprehensive commitment to nourish life.

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